MADE EXPO 2013 forum

THE “FONDAZIONE PROMOZIONE ACCIAIO” (Steel Promotion Foundation) and COGI Srl sponsored the congress:


all’interno del Forum Tecnologie Costruzioni il giorno 4 ottobre 2013 ore 11.00, Pad. 10 Stand D09 – F28.

within the Forum Tecnologie Costruzioni to be held on 4 October 2013 at 11.00am, Pavilion 10 Stand D09 – F28.
The congress analysed the use of thin steel profiles as cold-formed structural elements in building industry, examining the advantages coming from the lightness, quick assembly, and versatility of the components, which can be used to construct roofs, elevations, extensions and entire structures. The congress will also perform experiments (in collaboration with the University of Trento) to examine the behaviour of the structural components (as required by the EC3 Part 1-3), in order to develop a highly technological structural system in line with the requirements of the current regulations.

Forum MADE EXPO 2013