About us

COGI srl is an established company known and active in Italy and abroad. It specialises in the dry building sector where it has been operating since 1986.

The company produces on a daily basis high quality technological profiles developed as a supporting structure for suspended ceilings in fibre and as a metallic structure for plasterboard.

Taking advantage of the high professionalism of its technical staff, COGI srl has also developed prestigious complementary products such as the flat-line system, the KLIP inspection door and the patented Kit-Max counter-frame for sliding doors for fast and easy assembly on site.

The constant search for technological upgrades and the desire to discover new commercial channels have led COGI srl to develop the steelMAX construction system.

steelMAX is a construction system based on the use of cold-formed profiles, designed as supporting structures for the construction of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Not only, the lightness and flexibility of the steelMAX system allows it to be used in extensions and the addition of extra floors.

steelMAX also allows combining the designer’s creative flexibility to the concrete strength of structural steel, while allowing the use of the best dry-building products to guarantee the highest level of comfort.

steelMAX also guarantees excellent results in terms of energy savings, and reduces environmental impact since the steel used is recyclable, as are the materials used for obtaining beautiful finishes and excellent performances.

COGI srl keeps itself abreast of the latest technological advancements in dry building applications, constantly improving the solutions provided to its customers.